Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a retained or contingency recruiting firm?
We are a contingency firm.

What is your area of expertise?
We specialize in placing senior level sales, technical and management personnel in the communications arena

Why should I work with TRI-L.A.N., Inc?
If you find that recruiting top talent is frustrating and at times, counter productive to your goals, then TRI-L.A.N., Inc. can offer a solution to some of those challenges. We have structured our company to meet the specific needs of the communications industry. Our account executives are focused on specific accounts, within very specific geographic territories, allowing them to truly understand the needs that are unique to their clients. They know your market intimately - this has been proven effective time and time again with our most demanding clientele. TRI-L.A.N., INC has over 30 years of experience in the recruiting industry. We are proud to represent many of the nation's leading communications firms and have been instrumental in their success.

Who will work with me on my search?
TRI-L.A.N., INC assigns key territories to its executive recruiters. This allows our recruiters to have “deep roots” in the areas they work and also gives them a finger on the pulse of that geographic location. In our experience, we have found that our clients appreciate this approach as it strengthens the bond between our firm and their company.

How do you find your candidates?
TRI-L.A.N., INC has targeted the communications industry for over fifteen years. We conduct active, aggressive searches tailored to our clients needs. As a result we have developed and retained a solid relationship with thousands of candidates throughout the United States.

What type of companies does TRI-L.A.N., INC work with?
In the communications industry, companies such as Sprint, XO Communications, AT&T, Cisco, Time Warner Cable, Sidera, BT,, Earthlink, Cablevision, QTS, Above Net, Lightower, Paetec, Xsigo, Hauwei, Avaya,  Intercall, Reliance, CenturyLink, Sungard, Telx, Comcast, and Adva Optical.